Andrea & David

The area around The Brecon Beacons National Park and Offa’s Dyke has held a special place in our hearts since a walking expedition many years ago, so when the opportunity came to move here we leaped at it. And with a family at different stages of their growing up it was important to have a medium sized house to accommodate them all-at some time or another. That does mean that for the majority of time we live in a house which is too big for us so what better use of the space than to let it out for bed and breakfast and help others to explore this wonderful part of the country.

Here at Trout Cottage we have tried to create a centre for wellbeing. Good wholesome food from our own vegetable garden, eggs from our chickens, honey from our bees, are just some of the delights that await. The natural beauty and tranquility of the hills and valleys are calling to be explored…………….or just sit by the river and be recharged and revitalised by the sights and sounds of nature.

The walking is stupendous, the dining is fabulous, the history is beguiling and the sports are out of this world-or at least in every strata of this one.

So why not come and open the door to Trout Cottage and discover this beautiful area for yourself.

Our values

Here at Trout Cottage we are trying to live as sustainably as possible. Wales has turned out to be extremely switched on when it comes to sustainable living and it is only to be commended.

For our part we are wasting nothing-our organic waste can have 3 different sinks depending on its composition. First choice is given to our chickens that require a certain amount of protein in their diet to be able to produce good free-range eggs, secondly are the worms who consume vast quantities of organic material and so produce the fertiliser that feeds our crops in the allotment and lastly the bacteria get a shot at the rest in our compost bin. We take shredded paper and cardboard from commercial companies to include in our decomposition processes which include feeding the worms.

We do not support the consumption of bottled water-Welsh Water does a fantastic job of cleaning and providing us with delicious tap water without the damage of PET bottles in the environment to consider.

Use of chemicals in the allotment is kept to a minimum. All pest and disease control is achieved through cultural practices and elbow grease and we hope this will be evident in the produce.

The chickens are allowed to range in the garden and happier birds would be hard to find. They coexist quite happily with the cat and dog.

This year has seen a change in my management of the bee hives over to natural bee keeping. This means minimum intervention and an opportunity for the bees to evolve in response to the many adversities they face. It will mean a drop in honey harvest but the hope is that it will engender bees that are naturally better equipped to survive.


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