Black Russian tomatoes

Black Russian tomatoes

Rumour has it that the line of black tomatoes,of which there are reportedly up to 50 distinct types now in existence, were distributed by European soldiers after the Crimean war. The black variety is grown widely across Russia today and its flavour is starting to get noticed back here in Europe.

Black_Russians1The fruit itself is a large variety with a dark brown/mahogany skin. To say it is black is quite misleading and probably designed to appeal to the novelist in all gardeners but equally it could not be considered to be a regular red tomato. The flesh is darker, sweeter and with an array and complexity of flavours I have yet to find in other tomato varieties. It is certainly worth trying but I doubt you will find it in any supermarkets-this is strictly a growers delight.


Cut_black_russian 001

Most reviews give this unusual tomato a glowing report but I have come across some which suggest it is the most horrible tomato they have tried! Perhaps it is one of those love-it-or-hate-it varieties, although the lovers seem to be in the majority.


We have grown this variety this year to give our guests a taste of something special and a little unusual for breakfast. Sadly the fresh fruits will be finishing soon but over the season we have managed to freeze a large number of them which will be making appearances in other guises throughout the year in the form of tomato based dishes. Apparently this also makes a wonderful cooking tomato and my experience to date would support this.

On top of the natural genetic differences in this tomato you can be assured that all our vegetables and fruits are grown organically. This tomato has been fed on nettle tonic, vermi-liquor and farmyard manure as opposed to tomorite and baby bio. We invite you to see if you can tell the difference!

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