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Little did we realise until recently what a fine selection of waterfalls and caves are in the Brecon Becons National Park. Known locally as Waterfall Country ; see this link for details .

Abergavenny Food Festival Accommodation

Over the past few years food festivals have gained something of a cult following. Never before have TV programs featuring cooking, baking, haute cuisine etc.etc been so popular. We have become a nation obsessed by food, its origins, its qualities, welfare considerations, calorific values and diversities. We have access to more foodstuffs than ever before …

Charcoal burning and woodland management

Some of you may be aware of a series which ran last year entitled ‘A Walk in the Wild Wood’. The featured wood is situated across the river from us and is the subject of a management program lead largely by volunteers of the Woodland Group. One of the ways in which the group attempts to manage the woodland for today’s needs is to coppice …
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